Thursday, January 30, 2014

ice, ice

Rare sight- the Ohio River nearly frozen over.  This is looking over from the Marietta side to the Williamstown, WV side.

The seagulls seem happy to be out on the ice, though the ducks are not so sure it's a good idea.


  1. I guess I can't complain about the ice here seeing yours, yikes.

  2. The frozen river is an astonishing sight, and something that we are unlikely to experience in our part of the world... well, with our strange weather you never know!!! There is a lovely painting in our public art gallery by Monet that he did one winter of a river full of frozen ice. It must have been bitterly cold, and it is quite moving to think of him standing outside and painting it. It is amazing what people endure for their art!
    I often feel sorry for ducks in the winter, their thin feet look like they need covering up with wool or a good pair of boots!

  3. Linda, I guess it's all relative. I saw a story on some ice caves on/near the Wisconsin shore of Lake Superior.
    Pretty amazing.

    Peter, now I can't get the picture of ducks wearing boots out of my head! We are experiencing warmer temp.s today and that's supposed to continue for at least the next few days so the ducks should be happier.


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