Wednesday, April 30, 2014

getting ready

One last firing last night and that should be it for the "Gardens of Oz" show.  Well, I have a few things to put together, and Betsy and I are going to work on setting the stage, so to speak, in the gallery, so not really done yet. 
Below is a poster that one of the other artists at the gallery, Cathy Norosky, created for the show.  It is taken from the Riverside Artist's Gallery website and shows a picture of one of my turtles at left and one of Betsy Cook's flowers at right.  I have seen this glass and iron flower in person.  I think it's around seven feet tall.  Very much like the fanciful flowers in Munchkinland.
Today I spent hours cleaning up the glazing mess and trying to organize stuff.  Not nearly done.
Who released the flying monkeys in my workspace?


  1. The Gardens of Oz sounds a really inspirational and fun title for an exhibition, I do hope it goes really well for you. The combination of ornamental ironwork and ceramics in the show should work nicely together and give lots for the public to see.

    1. Hi Peter, I think it will be fun too. Just started setting up the last couple of days.


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