Thursday, September 18, 2014

new thermocouple, new pumpkins

Well, the new thermocouple is installed.  In doing research on what thermocouple I'd need and how to install it (not that I installed it- Ivin did) I came across a video showing how to replace a thermocouple that also explains the kiln will adjust the temperature upwards to compensate for an aging thermocouple. I guess this explains why I had a hard cone 04 top and bottom (usually it's a normal cone 04 bottom and cone 05 top) in that bisque firing when I experienced the thermocouple fail.  I had even stopped the firing before it reached the usual temp I go to- the temperature showing on the control panel, that is.
Now, with the new thermocouple, I've found I need to program in a higher temperature to get to whatever cone I'm firing to.  Since I bought it used I don't know if this is just a difference in thermocouples or if this is really the normal temperature.  However, my records show that a couple of years ago I was firing 10 degrees hotter for cone 6 glaze firings.  Then again, I program in a hold at the end of a firing now and I wasn't doing that back then.

Anyway, I have some glazed pumpkins to show.  Some are already at Riverside Artists Gallery and I plan to take a few to River City Farmer's Market this Saturday, or maybe not- I just remembered I'll be working at a gallery opening (see below) Friday night. I'd like to post a few on Etsy, but  find it difficult to take the time to photograph and list.

I tried out a new clay and I'm not so satisfied with the way some of my glazes react with it.  the orangey pumpkins are usually a deeper color and the green stems should be a bit richer in variation.  By the way, at first glance, what might look like black glaze on two of the pumpkins really isn't- It's more of an eggplant color.

If you are in the area, this is something to see. The front of the gallery displays the extremely complicated woven jewelry pieces of Edee Starcher.  The back room is hung with her quilts.  Many of the quilts depict intricately embroidered animals, and as you can see below, the show coincides with raising funds for the Humane Society.


  1. Oh those thermocouples! and elements and kiln gods……

    Love the pumpkins! Have great opening at Riverside tonight!
    I think we potters are all working tonight :)

    1. Thanks, and I think the opening will be wonderful. Not looking forward to cash register duty, though.
      Take it easy on the leg!


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