Sunday, March 29, 2015


I'm trying something new.  That means lot's of things to figure out- what glazes to use, how to put the parts together securely, yet still allow for disassembly. And, will it really work?  It's great to try new things, but there's the doubt lurking behind the effort of whether all the time involved will result in, as Martha would say, a good thing. Pictures of some of the parts, or possible parts involved:

Below is a shot of some texture I may or may not use for this project. The little depressions are from a fragment of what looked like a rubber mat.  I found it beside the mailbox yesterday.  Those of us who work in clay often cannot put one foot in front of the other without seeing something that might make interesting texture.  I'll fire these so the texture will be reverse when it is pressed into clay.  The white powder is cornstarch, used for release.  The little stone is being kept around as a glaze influence, and the knob was grabbed to test a glaze combination because I ran out of test tiles. I have it out because I think I might use that combo on this project. 

Below:  getting ready to add more detail to a bird.  I set the bisque fired one out as a model.  I looked up pictures in a bird book my grandmother gave me when I was a kid to make that first one. 
As always, you can click on the pictures to see a larger image!


  1. looking forward to see your texture and glaze experiments, I think the tea bowls are a great idea to test glazes much better than a flat tile and if they turn out great then they can be sold or used.

  2. They definitely gave me a larger canvas to consider the glazes and how they interacted with my other glaze materials. And, I have sold several of them in addition to donating some to Empty Bowls, so that works!


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