Sunday, April 5, 2015

next step

The picture changes from what I had in my mind to the real thing.  If you've worked with clay you are aware that unlike painting on canvas, to use an example, what you see is not what you get. The firing process changes everything. So the wait to see what comes out the the kiln is fraught with anticipation and sometimes apprehension especially when new glazes or new combinations of old glazes are given a try-out. Now I can take what I've learned from here to the next forms I make.  Assembly is still to come, and I have a couple ideas as to how that will happen.


  1. Oh, these are great! They appear so gentle. I've been away from clay for almost a year after a new transition to a new city…. :( but will return in about 2 months. I wonder what you're making with these… the word 'cairn' comes to mind.

    1. You are right- a cairn is what I had in mind. I will use a metal rod to stack these. I've got a couple other sets mostly fired but have been busy getting other stuff ready for a show in June so I haven't gotten them put together yet.


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