Monday, June 8, 2015

clay, paper, canvas

This is a some of what I've been working on the past couple of months. I am obviously the clay in "Clay, Paper, Canvas". The show opens Friday, June 12 during the Artists and Merchants walk at Riverside Artists Gallery and will remain up through the month of June.

I apologize for the excess of photographs- I get such a kick out of these "Woodland Creatures".

My ceramic version of cairns.
The birds and "stones" are glued together but can be removed from the wood boxes.  The box hides the bottom part of the metal rod that the pieces are threaded on.  The rod can be sunk in the ground to stabilize the cairn if someone wishes to display it outside.  

One of the gallery members, Debbie, suggested that the above piece looked like something for butterflies to drink from.  I had no function in mind for it, but now that she put the idea in my head I have decided to call it "Butterfly Pond".  The blue center is the melted crushed glass from a wine bottle.  Below is a birdbath.  I had planned to have more of these but not all plans work out!


  1. Oh Wow!! I LOVE what you have doing these past few months!! Best on the show at Riverside Gallery!

    1. Thanks much! I just went over to your site to see what you were up to. Somehow I missed your last post. And I thought I was busy!


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