Tuesday, September 1, 2015

nineteen woodworkers and no more fruit

Between being a coordinator of the "Out of Wood" exhibit at Riverside Artists Gallery and having coordinated a couple of past events there I can understand and justify the sometimes steep consignment fees artists pay to certain galleries.  It's a lot of work!  I don't do this for every show. This is a co-op gallery so we take turns with the responsibilities.  The show is up now and ready for the Sept. 4 opening.  And there is no more fruit in my house because I've been living at the gallery and haven't made it to the store.
Nineteen woodworkers are participating in the exhibit, with a diverse range of work: pieced and turned bowls, chip carving, pieced cutting boards, Civil War reproduction furniture, boxes (really great ones), 3-D sculpture, Just a Jar Design Press' woodblock prints, to name a few.  I took a quick picture before I left today of an intricately pieced cutting board.  Who would cut on that?

As for pottery, it's coming up on fall so I have plans to make pumpkins.  This is a picture of some finished pumpkins from last year. I have some of these left, and took a few to the gallery today. And just before the wood show preparation blitz I made some new pumpkins, which are still drying.

If you are going to be around Marietta make plans to see "Out of Wood".  It will be worth your time.  The opening for the show is Sept. 4, 6-9 pm.

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