Thursday, October 1, 2015


Well, it's not really a mask. Really, who's going to wear a ceramic mask, anyway?  This is what I came up with for the mask show which opens Friday, Oct. 9 at  Riverside Artists Gallery  in Marietta-
The moon at dusk, birds against the sky, a field of flowers, and a witness.

And, I just stole some pumpkins- took them from the gallery to put on Etsy.  A repeat customer asked if I would be listing some. Her other pumpkins needed company. (She ended up with a white one.)  I like this eggplant colored pumpkin.  Apple is for scale.  I have some newly made pumpkins waiting to be fired and will most likely use an orange- rust glaze.  A few pumpkins are also at River City Farmer's Market in Marietta.


  1. Hi Melissa,
    I love the "not really a mask" mask! It is beautiful with the birds, the flowers, and the feeling of evening. I hope that the mask exhibition went well for you.

    1. Thank you. The gallery sold a few of the masks, including mine.


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