Sunday, November 15, 2015

it's local!

Local Artist Show. Done.  Why is it called local?  I heard it started in the 70's with four or five artists in a barn in Whipple. If you are not from around here, this is a rural area near Marietta, Ohio, the name of which always strikes me as funny.  You know- Mr. Whipple and Charmin bath tissue. Apparently they wanted people to know the artists were local?  This is my first year participating in the show. It has grown over the years.  I have attended as a customer several times and knew it was a quality show.  The number of artists this year was 26.
Sales were good. Random, but good. A little of this and that. Could have sold a boat load of these robin's egg blue mugs with decal transfer images if I had made a boat load

I did not sell any of these hand-built vases. Well, I sold one, but that was to someone who had asked for a similar vase in my gunmetal glaze.  Everyone liked to touch them, though. Something about that glaze.  Seemed like smaller items were more popular at this show, with more people buying for Christmas gifts than for themselves. These will most likely relocate to Riverside Artists Gallery and River City Farmer's Market.

The one consistent part of the show is that people really, really liked my earrings!  So Janet Smith of Simply Wired at the River City Farmer's Market got a lot of advertisement at this show.  And she wasn't even there!
Most people would have taken a selfie wearing them, but as long as I dodge photographs I can deny the existence of wattles.

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