Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mystic vs. pottery

Ditch the last minute pottery making frenzy before Christmas?  I could still get in a couple of firings, or I could tag along on a business trip to Mystic, Connecticut. 
The little dot on top of one of the masts is an evergreen tree.
 I walked through a cemetery to get a good view of the river and found this small, leaning monument with "Our Hattie" carved into it.  Date was on back, but could not read the year as it had sunk underground.

 We drove down to Stonington to take a look around on a cold, misty day. 
 This stone was on the lighthouse lawn. Didn't notice it has "washbowl" carved into it until viewing the picture later on.

Also toured Mystic Seaport (below). More rain, so not many outdoor pics.

 My favorite part of the tour was this room full of figureheads. Ivin is providing scale. He was educating himself while I was gawking.


  1. Beautiful pictures! After "the season" what a great place to tag along!

    1. It was a nice break. If my work was relied on to pay the bills I would never leave the basement.


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