Thursday, July 14, 2016

the show, the birds

My plan was to take a couple pictures of the show, "Elements" so that the show can be seen as a whole.  The gallery is a co-op with member's work displayed all the time, while a center section towards the front of the shop is devoted to separate exhibits which change monthly.  Taking a picture of the "Elements" display results in picking up a lot of background artwork not in the show.  It is not distracting in person but becomes rather confusing in a photo.  Also dealing with fluorescent light!  So, I am showing just a small sampling of "Elements":

 One of Steve Comb's rings.  He has a nice display of jewelry set on a plate of glass and raised up on clear shot glasses inside an antique case.

An encaustic work by Shila Wilson.  There is a green tint applied to this, though this pic may not  represent the exact shade.

 This is my favorite panel.  Works by Shila.  To the left of the panel you can see a sliver of some member work in the gallery.

 Most of my pieces are in one place on a cluster of pedestals.  My attempt of getting a good shot of my work here in the gallery failed, but I wanted to show the display stump that Ivin cut for me.  He noticed that someone had left a dead tree cut down along the road and asked if he could cut some pieces from it. (Yes, take the whole thing.)

 I have one panel for my 2-D work.  Orange panel next to it is my nemesis. Don't ask.  Shila's work looks great on it, though.

Below are close-ups of bird images.  I just noticed I used this bird seven times on my work for "Elements". 
I am not so confident with free hand painting on pottery. I usually draw the image on paper or cloth, place the paper on the leather-hard clay, then trace so it is etched onto the surface.  Then I paint inside the lines with slips or engobes.  Or, when the piece is bisque fired, paint over the etched design, then rub off the excess with a damp cloth, leaving the dark color behind in the lines. 

The show remains up at Riverside Artists Gallery through July.


  1. Hey Melissa! You're work is just beautiful! Love the handled bowls and especially the birds! Hope the show is huge a success!

    1. Thank you! There were no immediate sales at the opening, but show's still up! Actually, I was not quite ready to see things go. Not emotionally attached, but some pieces were time intensive- I wanted to look at them a little longer! I've been away for several days, so I'll see what the story is on sales tomorrow.


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