Saturday, September 3, 2016

Poetry in Art 2016

The "Poetry in Art" exhibit is a collaboration of poets and artists, mostly in the region of Marietta and Athens, Ohio and Parkersburg, West Virginia.  Poets submitted poems and artists used the poems as inspiration to create art in their chosen media. Poems were displayed alongside the artwork. The opening last night at Riverside Artists Gallery included a reading of the poems in the exhibit. The exhibit continues through Sept. 29.   Below is a progression of the making of one of my pieces for the exhibit.  As usual, I did not think ahead about taking pictures so many steps are missing, especially ones of building the forms while in the greenware stage.
 So, these are in the greenware stage, but out by the kiln in the garage, probably dry or almost dry.  Clay is stoneware (tan).  White slip was brushed on, then cobalt slip over the white. The small figure was left white.  A fragment of the poem was etched into the surface.

These are forms after bisque firing and after a black slip was brushed on, then wiped off.  Also did the same with a little iron engobe. I made two because I was nervous about the possibility of not getting the results I wanted so I gave myself better odds.  Since, with clay, the process often takes weeks, I think the advantage many other forms of media have is the artist usually knows to change or scrap the piece in a matter of a few days, if not hours.  

After cone 6 firing.  This is the one I preferred.  I was pleased with the results.  The words are there, but not so commanding as to take away from the image and form. Though it can stand on its own, it is meant to hang on a wall and I made attachments in the back to hold wire.
The poem, "Insomnia is my Father's Bartender" is a wonderful, haunting work by the very talented Christina Veladota.  


  1. That is really lovely! You are right about the words, they are "there" but they don't dominate, which is something that is surprisingly difficult to achieve! The blend of poetry and visual art will make for a really interesting exhibition.

    1. Thank you. Peter, this is the second poetry/art exhibit held at this gallery and the idea came from one you wrote about several years ago. It was a great evening and we have you to thank!


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