Friday, March 17, 2017

Empty Bowls 2017 and some honey jars

Empty Bowls is coming up soon.  Here's a few of the bowls I will bring to the event, scheduled for
Saturday, April 1 at 11 AM - 1 PM at  
First Presbyterian Church, Marietta, Ohio
501 4th St, Marietta, Ohio

 The above bowls are more of a cup-of-soup size while the handled bowls below are larger and come with cracker plates.

 I had to show a closer look of this glaze combo. This is a Tenmoku Gold with Blue Hare's Fur over it on the inside of bowl.  I don't know if this is going to be a consistent result or if I just got lucky.  First try was with just the tenmoku but I got too much gold, not enough dark contrast.  I re-glazed over the inside with the Blue Hare's Fur and fired again. Click on the pic for a closer view.

 The rims on this set have slightly different designs carved into them.  This is an off white glaze, and difficult to see, but there is a touch of green glaze just on the rims. The spots are from the clay, not the glaze.  I'm on the fence about this clay.  Thinking of seeing if the supplier will mix it 50/50 with a non-spotted clay. It depends what you're going for, I guess.  I would say it's a rustic look.

 The cobalt blue honey jars were made for a customer who requested that color.  At the time I had nothing with this glaze on it to show her. I said she was under no obligation to buy if it's not the color she expected. There is nothing personalized about the jars so I am perfectly fine with that.  I made two because those are two different clays and I wanted to see if the glaze worked better on one or the other.  Looks about the same to me.
A couple of other jars in robin's egg blue are getting decals fired on right now.

I like this glaze and once in a while I'll experiment to see how it behaves with other glazes. Thought I'd try the Blue Hare's fur dipped over top of the test tile.  Shiny brown with blue where it is thickest.  Promising. Not sure what this reddish glaze is really called as you will see if you check for the recipe here . Shiny brown with blue where thickest.  Promising.

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