Monday, July 17, 2017


Some lately assembled cairns.  I'm pretty sure it takes me longer to put these together than it does to make the individual parts.  Each one morphs several times before I decide the arrangement is right.
I've been putting aside the various cairn parts for a good while- from birds to wheel thrown rocks, to slab rocks. When a commission only takes up a shelf or so cairn parts are good to make because they dry quickly and evenly. They have been kiln fillers- when I need to rush a firing for a commission and don't want to fire the kiln light.
Occasionally the holes I make in the rocks are too small for the metal rod that runs through the piece so I get to spend some wollering out time with the Dremmel tool. Apparently "wollering" is not a word, according to spell check.  I know what I mean.  Since I am using the same metal tube to make all of the holes I am not sure how this hole size discrepancy occurs.
Above cairn is 18 inches tall.  The one below is 10.5 inches.  I may have talked myself out of making more like the one below (no wood base).  It is very tricky to  get these squared up without the drill press making a nice straight hole through wood for the metal rod that runs through the piece. 
Same cairn above and below.  The color is more accurate in the above photo, but I saw the shadow from the early evening sun and had to capture it.

Cairn with small base is about 9 inches tall and larger base is 10.5 inches.  I have put these two pieces aside for a customer who made a request for a smaller size cairn.

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