Monday, July 31, 2017

clay and found object sculptures and some toad houses!

She's come undone-
A clay/found object sculpture which is partially the result of a kiln accident.  Though the head had been destined for a similar project, the theme somewhat changed when the back of the head blew out in the firing.  I admit to rushing the process due to a hurry-up on a mug commission and wanting to get the head in the same firing.  Some moisture must have been trapped despite the candling time I programmed into the kiln.  Or perhaps her mishap occurred as she was facing the other character in the kiln-

Click to enlarge.
"Tweetily Dee" came about this way: Having seen pictures online of hats made of felted cat fur, and since Red the cat sheds copious amounts of that substance, I decided to give him a good combing and try my hand at cat fur felting.  I placed a mass of fur in an old shirt sleeve, tied the ends of the rag, poured boiling water over it, then tossed it in the dryer.  It turned out looking like a small toupee. See below.  So, the next thought was to make a clay head- one whose hair seemed to resemble Red the cat's, and glue the toupee on after the head was fired.  As I formed the head it seemed it wanted to be too big for the toupee so I gave up on the cat fur gluing idea.  And, I doubted anybody would care to have my cat's fur in their home.  I don't want my cat's fur in my home.  But he does have a great personality.

Scavenged political sign frames were used for the arms in "Tweetily Dee". 
Quotes from tweets were taken from ones which were sent out since taking office.  Seven coats of polyurethane over the tweets!
Acrylic paint used on both "She's come undone" and  "Tweetily Dee".

Motivation for these projects came from Riverside Artists Gallery's upcoming Found Object exhibit opening Friday, Aug 4 during First Friday in Marietta.

Red, the cat.  A source of inspiration.

A plein air event at The Castle in Marietta, Ohio. I threw 3 toad houses on the wheel a couple of days in advance.  During the event I added decorative elements, some of which were taken from The Castle's architectural details.
Other artists present were Ginny Killian, Lynda Rhodes, Karol Goldstein and Alan Norris.
The day started out chilly with a little drizzle which didn't bother me but challenged the painters at times. Pictures are thanks to Janet Chase.

This is one of the toad houses.  Another one has an owl on top and a third has a squirrel.
Will be using some engobes and washes on these after the bisque firing.

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