Saturday, January 19, 2013

pictures of pendants

For the most part I've been happy with the results of the new photo set-up.  I haven't purchased the graduated background yet- having recently added up last year's expenses, I'm not in the mood to buy just yet.  The white matte board seems to work well with the pendants I photographed.  I didn't purchase a gray card either, but tried taking a shot of a piece of my previous gray background before photographing each pendant.  This seemed to work as far as color adjustment goes.  I may need a stronger watt bulb overhead, but Picasa's Auto fix seems to do a nice job of correcting any brightness issues.  On the minus side, I ran into problems with Picasa when it was time to size the photos for Etsy.  Usually, with my desktop editing I size the longest side of a picture to 800 or 1000 pixels.  When I did that with Picasa and copied them to my desktop library they shrunk to postage stamp size.  I fooled around a long time with this pixel thing and still need to experiment some more with it.  The first two pendant pics I posted on Etsy are a little smaller than I would like but I got tired of re-editing.
This is something I could enjoy making now and then.  I kept a few pendants at the market and I did sell a couple there, but decided to eventually get the rest on Etsy. There are already a couple of very accomplished jewelry people at the market who have some really nice stuff.  I'm there for pottery, not jewelry. The show which remains nameless was the reason for making pendants.  I thought they would sell well in that particular show.  I was wrong about that!  So here they are Etsy. 

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