Friday, February 14, 2020

ten minutes of sunshine

We had about 10 minutes of sun this afternoon so the pottery came out for a photo session.  These are a few mugs from the last firing.
 These mugs will be going to River City Farmer's Market tomorrow.
Also making the narrow window of natural light were a few birds and a moon.  Actually, the first couple of pictures below are earlier in the process on one of our all-rain days. Most of the time I do not stop to take pictures of the process because, for one, my hands are a mess so I don't want to touch my phone/camera.  Bigger reason is I just get engrossed in what I'm making.
 Its a bird.  I approach bird making three different ways:  1) Form by making two pinch pots which are put together for the body.  2) For smaller birds I may form a solid shape then hollow it out with trimming tools -or any tool I can find that works!  3) Make it on the wheel then alter the heck out of it.  This is what you see here, only I left out a lot of steps. Above is how the bird looks after being formed on the wheel. Below is the start of altering the shape.
 Take away some clay, add some clay, slip the seams, make a really big mess, repeat.

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